M.G Road Banglore



MGRoad or M G Road is Considered one of the most popular malls in Bangalore in this market area is specialized in different goods. Teeeming population, with brightly decorated shops must meet all the visitors a virtual tour of the city. In addition, two popular cinema in the city of Plaza and Symphony in this shopping area still inhabited. For women, such as managing multiple stores - Deepam silks and Prasiddha should take no more of these houses, shops, a collection of some of the finest silk saris and clothing. They are known to serve the large buyers, who come from distant places to buy clothes and fabrics, these shops are famous for their unparalleled collection of textiles and a wide range of clothes. Book lovers visited Gangaram and Higgin Botham is necessary because the houses for the sale of an extensive collection of books and went to set the number of readers.From MG Road was built during the reign of Colombia retains its quaint charm of old world with modern buildings that have arisen recently. Other shopping areas in Bangalore - Barton Court, Cauvery Arts and Crafts Emporium, coconut Board Showroom, children Kemp Antiquarts Natesan, the Saree Kemp, Shringar Shopping Complex and Spencer Super Market. These commercial sites are filled with great decorating items, gifts, clothing, refined design and wooden furniture do not miss his great cafes and restaurants visited.