Cubbon Park



cubbon park, bangalore


One of the largest parks in the city of Bangalore. Is an important reference point in Bangalore contributed to various historical monuments and public buildings, cultural institutions, other scientists than just being a park.


Cubbon Park was planned and programmed by Richard Sankey, the former chief engineer of Mysore in 1864 and settled in 1870 by Sri John Meade, then Acting Commissioner of Mysore. At that time, Meade Park was named in honor of Sir John Meade and then called the Cubbon Park. Later, the park has been officially designated as "Sri Park. Chamarajendra" following the Silver Jubilee celebration of the rule in Sri Krishnaraja Wodeyar of Mysore. Currently, the Department of Horticulture, maintenance and management control of the park. The deputy director of horticulture department he heads.

Flora at the Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is situated on 300 hectares of flowering plants, towering trees, shady groves and extensive green. Although this park is the heart of the city contributes to a large green, Bangalore to protect the environment, good lung space for morning joggers. But even the naturalists who study plants, peaceful natural environment. It also motarable you, and very well laid out paths leading through the park. contribute much to the climate, green landscape. Many kinds of exotic plant species grow here. They have more than 6000plants trees and areas of revenue 68 genera and 96 species. Duty to maintain and develop the park is the Horticulture Department, which they did so with pride and dedication. In addition, many people and ornamental flowering trees and exotic and indigenous people are in the park.Grevillea robusta (Silver Oak), which has the honor of being the first use of the oaks are still in Australia in Bangalore Cubbon Park next to the tennis pavilion.